Bloodsucking Freaks

An unsuspecting audience witness an on-stage performance of torture by the master of theatr

Zombies from Outer Space

Bavaria in the fifties, during a homicide case, a scientist and an Ameri

House of the Wind of Death

Francesco Campanini is no stranger for BUT insiders.


The life of Tom is boring and monotonous.

The Orphan Killer

Metal Movie for the BUT Black Friday.

Saturday Morning Massacre

Four teenagers and a dog are looking into paranormal events to solve the mystery behind it.

Zone of the Dead

Ken Foree, who does not know him as the hero of the original Dawn of the Dead!

Beyond the Grave

Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro made with Beyond the Grave, a genre mishmash ​​many a filmmaker will th

Zyklon Zombie

No budget and full of passion. Those are the first things I think after seeing Zyklon Zombie.



This film is the opening film of the BUTFF