Inside the Whore

In 2009, Reinert Kiil recieved BUT the award for the feature length with his mo

Afterman 2

Afterman 2 is naturally the sequel to the first Afterman.

Gallino, The Chicken System

A pornophilosophical movie by Carlos Atanes. Known for its werid films.

Sex Equo

A series of short stories with a fetish, eccentric, porn, and funny sexuality, in the same remix

Calibre 9

This hip and trashy shot french flic has to been seen to be believed.


After the nuclear Holocaust small groups of survivors gather food and look for shelter.

Ctrl + Alt + Esc

Playing before Profane

Nederland, 47min, Dutch spoken< english subtitels

Nick Zedd (3) Electra Elf

United States, 105 min, Language English, no subtitles

Nick Zedd (2) War is Menstrual Envy

The second block by Nick Zedd will definately become legendary, even according to the BUTFF stand

Nick Zedd (1) Police State

The first of three filmblocks by Nick Zedd.