Underground Cinema

Nick Zedd plaatjeAs you probably know, Nick Zedd introduced the meme "transgression" as an artistic force into our culture in 1979. He then wrote the Cinema of Transgression Manifesto in 1984, announcing a new movement and publicizing the activities of fellow exemplary artists in the pages of his self-published zine called The Underground Film Bulletin. I could go on and write more but you already know it all and them some!  

Marian Dora (D)

Another big name at BUTFF 2011 is the German director Marian Dora.

Nick Zedd

Founder of Manifest Cinema of Transgression

Melancholie der Engel

Melancholie der Engel poster

Germany, 150 min, German spoken, English subtitles

August Underground 10th year anniversary special

August Underground poster

USA, 2001, 70 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Sella Turcica

Sella Turcica poster

USA, 106 min, English spoken, no subtitles