Film overview

An overview of all films on BUTFF 2011

Title Director
An Acrid Yarn (2010) Ike Duncan

Tony Roberts, United States, 98 min, English language, no subtitlesA former sinner has seen the light and is on a mis

August Underground poster August Underground 10th year anniversary special (2001) Fred Vogel

USA, 2001, 70 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Bananamotherfucker (2011) Fernando Alle


Battletruck poster Batlletruck (1982) Harley Cokeliss

USA, 91 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Bela's Struggle (2011) Orsolya Bajusz

German/English, 9m56s,

Black Space (2011) Sije Kingma


Born Again (2010) Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Danish/English, 14m

Bunny the killer thing (2010) Joonas Makkonen

Finnish/English, 18m,

Cannibal (2006) Marian Dora

Germany, 2006, 89 min, German language, English subtitlesArmin Meiwes has a strange obsession.

Catharsis (2009) Fokion Bogris

Esteban (Kostas Stefanakis), a former cop, arrives at the city of Athens.

Clocks' Tales (2010) Angelika Jakubas

Polish/English, 2m2s,A tale about the AutoMatt the clock inventor, who lives between luggage.

Ctrl + Alt + Esc (2010)

Playing before Profane

Nederland, 47min, Dutch spoken< english subtitels

Death by VHS (2011) Damien Ferland

English, 5m,

Death race 2000 poster Death Race 2000 (1975) Paul Bartel

USA,  84 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Derniere Chasse (2011) Julien Humbert-Droz

Frans/Engels, 18m,

Dopo la notte (2011) Alberto Viavattene

Italian/English, 19m,

El ultimo fin de Semana poster El Último Fin de Semana (2011) Norberto Ramos del Val

Spain, 81 min, Spanish spoken, English subtitles

Empusa (2010) Paul Naschy

Spain, 97 min, Spanish language, English subtitlesThere is more going on than meets the eye.

Family Demons (2009) Ursula Dabrowsky, Usama Alshaibi


Australië, 80 min, English, no subs, Engels gesproken, geen ondertitels

Fightseeing Eindhoven (2011) Elwin


Ghost from the machine poster Ghost from the machine (2010) Matt Osterman

USA, 86 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Help Wanted (2010) Waylon Bacon


La Isla (2010) Michael Effenberger

Germany, 90 min, German spoken, English subtitles

Laser Doigt (2011) Damien Ferland

English, 10m,

Last Caress Last Caress (2011) Christophe Robin, Francois Gaillard

France, 76 min, english subtitled

Maidens well 2 (2011) Marko Backovic

Serbian/English, 37m,

Maquinas Infernales poster Maquinas Infernales (2010) Simon the Pernolitz

France, 2010, 54 min, French spoken, English subtitles

Filmposter Marianne Marianne (2011) Filip Tegstedt

Sweden, 2011, 100 min, Swedish language, English subtitlesKrister is a single father, trying to raise two children af

Martian Precursor (2010) Brian & Kevin Lonano

English, 1m,A homeless man is tormented by transmissions from the planet Mars.

Melancholie der Engel poster Melancholie der Engel (2009) Marian Dora, Marian Dora

Germany, 150 min, German spoken, English subtitles

Molinas Ferroz poster Molina’s Ferozz (2010) Jorge Molina

Cuba, Costa Rica, 2010, 70 min, Spanish spoken, English subtitles

Necronos poster Necronos (2010) Marc Rohnstock

Germany, 2010, 121 min, German spoken, English subtitles

Nick Zedd (1) Police State (1970) Nick Zedd

The first of three filmblocks by Nick Zedd.

Nick Zedd (2) War is Menstrual Envy (1970) Nick Zedd

The second block by Nick Zedd will definately become legendary, even according to the BUTFF standards.

Nick Zedd (3) Electra Elf (1970) Nick Zedd

United States, 105 min, Language English, no subtitles

Night of the Chupacabras (2011)

Brasil, 90 min, Portuguese language, English subtitlesAfter a lengthy absence, Douglas Siva returns to his family.

Noise and Resistance (2011) Julia Ostertag, Francesca Araiza Andrade, Julia Ostertag

Germany, 87 min, language English, no subtitles

Off Road (2010) Martijn Smits

Engels, 10m,

A paranoid man gets a fight with his navigation system about the chosen route.

Out break (2011) Wouter Hermans


A trailer of a nonexistent horror movie about an experiment gone wrong.

Pavor Nocturnus (2010) Maximilian Geiss

Latijn, 44s,

A dream turns into a nightmare.

Phantom of the town poster Phantom of the Town (2010) Hiroshi Toda

Japan, 70 min, Japanese spoken, English subtitles

Phase 7 poster Phase 7 (2010) Nicolás Goldbart

France, 76 min, english subtitled

Pig (2011) Henry Barrial

United States, 2011, 89 min, English language, no subtitlesA man wakes in the desert with a hood over his head.

Planet World (2010) Doug Manley

Verenigde Staten, 2010, 76 min, Engels gesproken, geen ondertitelsBunny is een verslaafde prostituee die van job naar

Porn Dogs poster Porn Dogs (2009) Greg Blatman

USA, 81 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Profane poster Profane (2010) Usama Alshaibi

USA, 2010, 78 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Reise nach agatis (2011) Marian Dora

Duitsland, 74 min, Duits gesproken, Engelse ondertitels

Reloaded (2011) Marieke Verbiesen


Roadkill (2011) Thijs van Gasteren

A film about a guy on a moped in an apocalyptic world full of zombies.

Roid Rage (2011) Ryan Lightbourne

English, 14m,

Sella Turcica poster Sella Turcica (2010) Fred Vogel

USA, 106 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Banana Motherfucker screen shots Shorts (1) (2011)

Roid Rage
(Ryan Lightbourne)

(K.Prada & J. Prada)

Born Again screenshot Shorts (2) (2011)

Super Rope Solution
(Auke de Vries)

Bunny the killer thing
(Joonas Makkonen)

Shorts (4) (2011)

Clocks’ Tales
(Angelika Jakubas)

Bela’s Struggle
(Orsolya Bajusz)

Death by VHS

Reloaded screenshot Shorts (Dutch) (2011)

Tukker Zombies
(Frank Schoonewille)

Outer space
(Pepijn Tebrunsvelt)

Slick Horsing (2010) Kiron Hussain


Student shorts (2011)

StudentfilmsAll students of the Audio Visual department of art academy St.Joost made a short BUT film in 1 week .

The Bogus Man (1980) Nick Zedd

A look at a conspiracy involving the United States president.

The Bunny game poster The Bunny Game (2010) Adam Rehmeier

USA, 2010, 76 min, English spoken, no subtitles.

The Fallow Field (2009)

UK, 2009, 90 min, English language, no subtitlesMatt wakes up in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t remember anything.

The Keening (2011) David Harkin

United Kingdom, 68 min, English language, no subtitles

The Miracle of Jouko Mikkola (2010) Joonas Makkonen

Finnish/English, 6m,

The Taint (2010) Drew Bolduc

United States, 75 min, English language, no subtitles

The Tunnel poster The Tunnel (2011) Carlo Ledesma

Australia, 2011, 90 min, English language, no subtitlesWater resources in Australia are starting to run dry, but the

Time (2011) Pepijn Tebrunsvelt

Dutch, 11m,

Too Much Pussy (2010) Émilie Jouvet, Wendy Delorme, Wendy Delorme

France and Germany, 2010, 80 min, English language, no subtitlesThree ladies go on a road trip in the documentary ‘To

Trippin´ poster Trippin’ (2011) Devi Snively

Devi Snively, USA, 2011, 88 min, English spoken, no subtitles

Tukker Zombies (2011) Frank Schonewille

The world is not the same anymore. The undeads come alive and smoke pot.

Until the Light Takes us (2008) Aaron Aites, Audrey Ewell

United States, 93 min, language English, no subtitles‘Until the Light Takes us’ is a documentary on the Norwegian Bla

Vacation! poster Vacation! (2010) Zach Clark

United States, 90 min, English language, no subtitles

VigasioSexploitation 1&2 (2011) Sebastiano Montresor

Italy, 2011, 102 min, Italian language, English subtitlesAn agency takes on an unstoppable virus that is responsible

War is menstrual envy (1992) Nick Zedd, Annie Sprinkle

THIS IS ENGLISH TEXT Well first of all I'd like to say that I knew this was a low budget independent film, and was de

Wuss poster Wuss (2011) Clay Liford

USA, 2011, 96 min, English spoken, no subtitles

You killed the underground...Kill Kill poster You Killed The Underground (1970) Wilhelm Hein

Germany, 120 min, English spoken, no subtitles